Storing data in a file is time consuming and retrieving becomes tedious process when an urgent data is required within a short span of time. Hence database is required for any system to store and retrieve data or information from a computer. Therefore a database development process is the necessary for every web designing during web development process.

The database development process is generally considered as back end development process where the user data and information about relevant and related fields are generally stored here. During web development under web designing process the front end design of any web page is just a user interface where the visible part is done using front end designing tools. While the back end is a magical tool which stores all information. Therefore database development is very important for designing in any software development process.

M8 IT solutions does database development model with a best of software and without any compatibility issues related to the developed website with the relevant fields with user requirement specifications. The development process is done starting with data mining techniques and the normalization of data by with data is secured and can be handled efficiently by the users.