Initially the products or goods sale physically that is through persons directly by whom the commercial purpose of the product is known or he can be introduced or familiar with the business process. But today in this modern world the sales of good happen electronically without any people interaction which has make the task easier and efficient compared to the olden style. Hence this it adopt to the many of the companies today.

E-commerce which is called as electronic commerce is widely used in the market and in business world. through Electronic commerce we can trade goods that is buying and selling the goods happens electronically through electronic media mainly through internet for example inventory management system , data collection system are some of the e-commerce technologies. Hence e-commerce became famous.

Web designing speaks more in any web development of website or software construction. During the web development process under the development of e-commerce the designing of website also matters a lot hence website designing during e-commerce is important. M8 IT solutions provide e-commerce software technologies where it is build according to the user specifications. It helps in providing 24 hours service hence it is preferred by most of the companies which are useful for both clients and companies.