Testing is generally done for the purpose of checking whether the individual components are working properly or not. In the software components the working is generally done by the testing tools like software which check its corresponding functionalities are working correctly or not. This can be done with the various software testing tools.

In the integrated testing the components are individually tested or it can be combined or integrated as a fully featured structured and tested. Integration testing is the part of software testing in which all the components of the software are combined together and tested. This testing is done before the unit testing where the individual components are tested. For example instead of testing the web designing components and web development components separately both are combined together and tested.

After integration testing validation testing is done to check the validity of the software components that is the working condition or functionality example form validation is done. In our company M8 IT solutions the integration testing is done as a whole component testing before the delivery of any project.our company develop website with excellent web designing and web development concepts.