Initially when the internet came into existence, web layout contains just the word file to exchange information that is to transfer information to other people but now adding interface upon it has enhance web development and web designing features and bought many clients to use the web pages hence the layout designing with graphical user interface (GUI) came out with flying colors.

The orderly arrangement of objects such as text, graphics etc in a web page during web designing and web development process is called web layout in other words overall view of the website is called web layout. It plays a very important role in site designing process which contains much important information about the website such as graphical user interface and interface link between the elements of the page such as body, heading etc. It also describes how or where those objects should be placed during web designing and web development process. Web layout plays a very important part in user interface design.

Nowadays web layout becomes the important part of any website and hence it has been taken with much care .It is important part of web designing and web development process and can be called as the master of designing page since it contains all formatting options and designing interface options with it.